Tool of the Month: OptiBelt Drives Increase in Motor Efficiency

Can you name a part of your business that doesn’t rely on some type of electric motor? You would be hard-pressed to think of one because HVAC systems, manufacturing conveyor belts, and even motorized riding floor cleaning equipment have electric motors. When you need electric power, these small transmissions and motors are keeping your commercial or industrial business going.

These electric motors go through long hours of continuous use. Unfortunately, belt drives start to lose tension as they elongate due to the heavy use. In time, they fail. When a belt drive fails, the machine doesn’t perform at its most optimal state. You could spend more on the electricity that is used while getting an inefficient machine.

This month, we are featuring OptiBelt belt drives as our Chicago Tool of the Month. Selecting the right belt for your electric motors can significantly increase efficiency while staying in your company’s budget.

OptiBelt Belts Providing Quality Products to Reduce Your Costs

OptiBelt is an international belt manufacturer that provides replacement belt drives and products to industrial and commercial companies. The belts can be used for power transmission systems, HVAC equipment, manufacturing handling systems, elastomer applications, in automotive assemblies, and many others applications. OptiBelt supplies single V-belts, banded V-belts, cogged V-belts, Ribbed belts, Timing belts, and specialty belts along with other products.optibelt

Creating belt drives for 140 years, the manufacturer has invested in cutting-edge innovations that provide the belts with unsurpassed abilities. The OptiBelt HVAC engineered V-Belts provide flexibility and can withstand high temperatures. So the belt doesn’t need as much maintenance as the rest of the heating and cooling system. The maintenance-free Red Power V-Belts transmits 50% more power to the system and has three times the belt life than ordinary classic belts. It has a custom polymer that doesn’t require periodic tensioning. OptiBelt also provides Blue Power Aramid Cord V-belts. These belts are designed for heavy industrial and manufacturing systems. The belt has a dual wrapped cover for enhanced durability.

Advantages to the OptiBelt Belt Drives

One of the fantastic advantages to OptiBelt is the rotary vulcanization manufacturing process. They reduce inconsistent belt length variations so that each belt will vary less than 1/4 inches, ensuring that all belts maintain high quality and effectiveness. No matter how often you purchase OptiBelt, you know that every single one will give the high efficiency required for the output of your machinery and will last for longer amounts of time.

Another advantage for businesses of every industry is the longevity that the belts provide before they need to be re-tensioned. This was the problem that a luxury resort and hotel experienced with their 60 air handler systems. Providing a comfortable indoor air environment for their patrons is essential, yet their maintenance staff was so overworked handling other issues that they couldn’t focus enough attention on their HVAC systems to ensure the right upkeep measures. This problem led to the resort spending huge amounts of money to constantly by new time belts because they were losing tension and malfunctioning.

OptiBelt provided the solution with their Red Power 5V section V-belts. These belts could be placed in various different configuration drives without losing efficiency. The luxury resort was able to use fewer belts for each drive and increase optimization for each air handler system.

Why OptiBelt May Be Right for You

Saving energy can be accomplished when using the right belt drive. The belt drive is designed to position the motor so that it is relative to the load. The belt in the right position can have better friction and can transfer power at an increased rate. Then you have a higher level of efficiency to your equipment.

With Optibelt, the belt drive has better contact with less stretching. So it can handle the load and provide more power to the system. Combine this feature with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, and you can have a drive belt with the electric motor that uses less energy while giving better performance.

Reach out to us at A. Messe Supply with any questions or to add OptiBelt to your business today!