Tool of the Month: Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal

Whether you are installing a new toilet into your Chicago facility, or replacing an old one due to leakage, one of the top issues you have to deal with is having the proper seal on the flange. However, different installation styles, wall carriers versus floor mount attachments, as well as flooring materials can hamper the process and make a mess. You need a better solution that doesn’t involve dealing with wax while still creating a waterproof seal.

Our Chicago Tool of the Month series introduces the Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal.  This seal doesn’t rely on any wax application or wax rings and flange risers. It provides a sealed connection of the toilet horn to the drain pipe no matter the thickness of the floor materials.

How to Use the Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal

The Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal is attached to the toilet horn as it has attached adhesive and flexible ribFernco FST-4 Closet Seals that creates a waterproof and airtight connection. It comes in three different sizes based on the size of the drain pipe when flanges are placed over the pipe, as well as seals for when the flange is located inside the pipe:

  • FTS-3: Seal for a 3-inch drain pipe with an inner diameter of 3 inches when the toilet flange is over the pipe
  • FTS-4: Seal for a 4-inch pipe with an inner diameter of 4 inches when the toilet flange is over the drain pipe
  • FTS-4CF: Seal for a 4-inch drain pipe with an inner diameter of 3 1/2 inches as the toilet flange is inside the pipe

To install the Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal, the toilet horn must be completely free of wax if you are using an existing toilet. Use a putty knife and rubbing alcohol to remove wax, and then dry the toilet horn completely. The wax-free toilet seal has an adhesive coating as you peel away the protective paper. Press the seal onto the toilet horn firmly so the adhesive is completely attached. Place soapy water on the flexible ribs and line the seal with the flange bolts. Lower the toilet into position as the seal will center itself. You will feel the flexible ribs compress into the drain pipe as there will be some resistance. Once the toilet is in place, secure the bolts while checking for leaks.

Benefits of the Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal

Having a secure seal for toilet installations ensures that there will be no water leakage or the chance of gas entering into the home from the drain pipe. It will maintain its seal even when there is movement to the toilet. Due to the top construction of the seal, it can be installed in raised floors of up to 3/4 inches above the toilet flange and for floors that have radiant heating systems underneath without additional attachments, flanges or rings needed.

This toilet seal is made out of PVC. So it will not promote mold or mildew growth that could cause the seal to wear out quickly. Once the seal is attached to the toilet horn, it can be reused if you plan to move the existing toilet to a new location that has the same drain pipe diameter. Just leave it attached and move the entire toilet to a different place in the facility.

The Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal is the right solution for large and small plumbing jobs in a range of commercial buildings and industrial facilities. It is a long-term solution to pipe installation as you can perform the work quickly and with less mess.

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