PCA Faucets Bring Health Benefits to Chicago’s Medical Industry

Health professionals in nursing homes, doctor’s offices, hospitals and other commercial medical facilities deal with a range of different viruses and bacteria that becomes spread through hand contact. This bacterium can cause different health problems, as well as can aggravate existing health conditions for treated patients. Hand washing is a vital step all medical professionals take to lower the number of bacteria that is spread.

However, medical professionals still need to be careful as even the water from commercial water lines and hot water systems can have microbial contamination that could cause pose serious health problems such as infections in humans and the spread of Legionella bacteria which can cause Legionnaire’s disease.

HyTronic PCA Faucets Improving Hygiene Safety in Commercial Facilities

HyTronic Patient Care Applications (PCA) faucets are the leading innovations available today for medical care facilities, hotels and other commercial industries who are worried about the spread of bacteria that can cause illnesses. These are electronic faucets that don’t require manual handlesPCA faucets or knobs to turn them on. Instead, they use motion sensors to detect the presence of a person’s hand underneath the faucet tap as the water is automatically turned on and off. This important feature eliminates the spread of bacteria that may be present on a person’s hands that can be transmitted to the metal part of the faucet when touched.

Other advantages to installing PCA faucets include:

Lower Lead Concentration During Manufacturing

HyTronic PCA faucets take into account the amount of lead used during the manufacturing process that can be harmful to a person’s health. The manufacturer has adopted low lead initiatives to ensure that the lowest concentration of lead materials is crafted into the product. Each faucet has less than one-quarter of one percent (about 0.25%) of total lead content by the weighted average. So the cast brass construction reduces the amount of lead found in the faucet material that could enter the water line.

Lower Bacteria Counts That Meet Mechanical Faucet Standards

bacteriaOne of the reasons many long-term health facilities and other commercial businesses stick with conventional mechanical faucets instead of upgrading to electronic ones is that certain electronic faucets can raise the level of waterborne bacteria to higher levels. Waterborne bacteria normally won’t cause health concerns to many patients. Yet it can be a danger for high-risk people who are more prone to contracting illnesses such as Legionnaire’s Disease.

HyTronic PCA faucets have gone through extensive testing for Legionnaire’s bacteria, and have been monitored for heterotrophic plate counts (HPC), which are measurements to determine microbial water quality after water treatment processes. This testing and monitoring has determined that unlike other electronic faucets, HyTronic PCA faucets met lower microbial contamination standards set for traditional mechanical faucets. So there is less bacteria contamination present.

Meeting ADA Compliance Guidelines

The elderly, young children and people who have disabilities ordoctor certain medical conditions can experience problems trying to use standard mechanical faucets. HyTronic PCA faucets are designed for ease of use as they come in a range of faucet styles that meet ADA compliance standards. From traditional to gooseneck spouts, PCA faucets can direct the water at the right water pressure capacity and location for people with mobility issues or who are bound to walkers and wheelchairs as they can safely wash their hands without straining their bodies to reach the faucet.

Commercial businesses in both the medical industry, hospitality field and other commercial sectors can increase workplace hygiene safety and reduce bacteria contamination with Hytronic PCA faucets. By bringing better health to workers, guests, and patients, people can have longer and happier lives.