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To all our valued Customers & Suppliers

As you all know Governor Pritzker has mandated that all non-essential businesses remain closed. We, at A. Messe are committed to stopping the spread of this virus, but consider our business to be an intrinsic part of the supply chain, the life blood of this country. We will continue to service our customers because the service we offer our customers is essential. For example, just this weekend, one of our customers, a large medical complex needed an emergency delivery during off hours. Of course, we obliged.

We consider it our duty to be available to service the large facilities that form the backbone of this great city. With that in mind we have tried to strike a balance between being available to service the needs of our customers, while being responsible stewards of the public trust and health.

We have pared our on-premise personnel down to only employees who must be on premise to perform their jobs. This includes our delivery people, and warehouse personnel. We have staggered their days and hours to ensure that they can maintain a safe distance from each other while still performing their jobs.

All other employees who can perform their functions off premise are working from home. This includes our inside customer service and inventory managers. We ask that given the reduced on-premise staff you place orders via email or our website, www.amessesupply.com. You can either contact the customer service person you are accustomed to or email requests to sales@amessesupply.com.

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Outside salespeople are available to make site visits where necessary, but will practice social distancing and constant hand washing. Our goal is to have no more than 5 people on premise, all spaced at least 10 ft. apart.

As stated in our last email, we ask for your cooperation to help keep our delivery people safe, as well as your personnel. Our drivers will leave packages at the dock maintaining a safe distance from dock personnel. They will not bring material up into the building.

When making pick ups at our suppliers we ask that your shipping agents respect the same social distancing.

A. Messe takes this outbreak very seriously, but we also believe that we must keep our economy strong. America is the most innovative, ingenious and entrepreneurial country in the history of the world. We are and have always been an indominable industrious people. We believe we must strike a balance between public health and safety, social responsibility and keeping our economy and above all, our supply chain intact.

Our vendors and suppliers are also finding ways to keep product flowing, perhaps at a slower pace, while protecting the health and wellbeing of their teams. If we work together we can do this.

We wish all our friends, customers and suppliers, with whom we have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship, good health and prosperity through this unprecedented calamity. But most of all we will continue to work together to keep all we have built intact.

Arlene Levy and Lauren Levy
Phone: (312) 733 - 4848 eMail: Click here to Send

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