Tool of the Month: Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal

Whether you are installing a new toilet into your Chicago facility, or replacing an old one due to leakage, one of the top issues you have to deal with is having the proper seal on the flange. However, different installation styles, wall carriers versus floor mount attachments, as well as flooring materials can hamper the process and make a mess. You need a better solution that doesn’t involve dealing with wax while still creating a waterproof seal.

Our Chicago Tool of the Month series introduces the Fernco Wax Free Toilet Seal.  This seal doesn’t rely on any wax application or wax rings and flange risers. It provides a sealed connection of the toilet horn to the drain pipe no matter the thickness of the floor materials. Continue reading

Tool of the Month: OptiBelt Drives Increase in Motor Efficiency

Can you name a part of your business that doesn’t rely on some type of electric motor? You would be hard-pressed to think of one because HVAC systems, manufacturing conveyor belts, and even motorized riding floor cleaning equipment have electric motors. When you need electric power, these small transmissions and motors are keeping your commercial or industrial business going.

These electric motors go through long hours of continuous use. Unfortunately, belt drives start to lose tension as they elongate due to the heavy use. In time, they fail. When a belt drive fails, the machine doesn’t perform at its most optimal state. You could spend more on the electricity that is used while getting an inefficient machine.

This month, we are featuring OptiBelt belt drives as our Chicago Tool of the Month. Selecting the right belt for your electric motors can significantly increase efficiency while staying in your company’s budget. Continue reading

Commercial Water Filtration Options for Chicago Restaurants

Sit down at a table and watch the behaviors of your patrons when they come to dine at your restaurant. One of the first things you will notice is that many people will sit down and take that first sip of water as the wait staff brings the guests their glasses and their menus. They may take a few more sips while deciding on what to order. Then the wait staff will bring them drinks such as coffee, soda or juice before the meal arrives.

That first sip of water can actually affect the mood and perceptions of your guests. If the water tastes funny or smells bad, the guests will wonder if the rest of the drinks or meals will also be of lesser quality. This one bad experience can cause these guests to never return to your restaurant. Continue reading

Featured Tool of the Month: Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

Residential and commercial building water can lead to some of the highest utility bills for people in the Chicagoland area. Not only do you have to deal with unnecessary water waste, you also have to deal with high energy costs in heating the water to the right temperature for various applications. Upgrading a water heater can improve utility costs as well as water usage for a residential home or medium commercial building. While gas heaters have become standard in the industry, more people are switching to upright electric heaters for more efficiency benefits.

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters are our featured Tool of the Month in Chicago for residential and commercial applications. In business since 1951, Bradford White has been a trusted brand as they are continually improving their water heater designs to fit into the changing lifestyles of residents and the workplace environment. Today, we are going to talk about two model lines: the Upright Residential Electric water heater and the ElectriFlex LD water heater. Continue reading

How AR and VR Technologies are Changing Facility Management in Chicago

Most facility mechanical systems don’t operate out in the open where employees are performing office tasks, cooking food for patrons, or teaching classrooms. This machinery runs within walls, on top of buildings, and below the ground in utility tunnels. Access to pipe work, wiring, and other mechanical systems can be a troublesome experience for workers.

When a problem occurs, facility management has to spend large amounts of time locating the source of the issue before being able to implement a solution. Even when locating the system problem, it can be difficult to reach it in tight spaces. Continue reading