Controlling Hotel Building Costs in Chicago For Summer Travelers

Water parks are opening their doors for the summer. Resorts are at full capacity with vacationers, and people are having a fun time in new and distant places around the world. Hotels are experiencing their peak seasons as rooms are getting booked out weeks in advance. With the number of guests sleeping, eating, and partaking in hotel amenities, a facility manager can find the building’s energy consumption increasing substantially.

Controlling hotel building costs to stay in budget while still creating a pleasing and memorable experience is a tough balancing act for building managers. Creating an energy management plan will allow you to understand your present energy consumption and create actionable steps to reduce utility usage in measurable ways. Continue reading

PCA Faucets Bring Health Benefits to Chicago’s Medical Industry

Health professionals in nursing homes, doctor’s offices, hospitals and other commercial medical facilities deal with a range of different viruses and bacteria that becomes spread through hand contact. This bacterium can cause different health problems, as well as can aggravate existing health conditions for treated patients. Hand washing is a vital step all medical professionals take to lower the number of bacteria that is spread. Continue reading

Water Intrusion and Health Concerns: Keeping Workers and the Public Safe

With spring fast approaching in Chicago, facility managers are placing away their snow shovels while performing building assessments as they look for winter damage. However, the spring weather can also usher in a new stage of water woes. The melting snow and moderate rainfall are causing streams, rivers, and high water tables. Eventually, the water has to go somewhere, as it enters industrial plants and commercial buildings. Continue reading

Keeping Hydrated: Adding Drinking Fountains to Commercial Establishments

People are getting healthier across the country. They are improving their diets while drinking more water. However, it can sometimes be difficult for workers to stay hydrated while on the job as they don’t want to constantly run out to buy bottled water. Also, customers at your Chicago establishment may want to get a quick drink just to soothe their parched throats without lugging around water with them everywhere they go. Continue reading

Wastewater Reclamation is A Growing Possibility to Water Efficiency Management

Industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings can use up large amounts of water in different processes. Whether it is a restaurant using water for cooking and cleaning dishes, or an industrial factory piping in water to cool running machinery, water usage can grow on a daily basis. However, using up this natural resource can have detrimental impacts on the environment. In addition, water waste can occur that lowers operational efficiency while raising utility expenses. Continue reading