Cost-Effective Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips to Help Save Energy

A cooling tower is essential to your building’s mechanical systems. Without it, your HVAC equipment cannot properly condition the indoor air environment to a lower temperature level to make it comfortable for the occupants in the building. The cooling tower may also be used as a heat rejection system for the building’s other operating equipment, such as large refrigeration systems in food processing plants, or to cool circulating fluid used in chemical plants and oil refineries.

Yet cooling tower operations can place a hamper of operational budgets if they are not properly maintained. An inefficient cooling tower could waste 15% in electricity due to running for longer periods of time. By following these maintenance tips, you can begin saving on electricity costs while prolonging the life of your cooling tower. Continue reading

Acoustical Design Solutions for Chicago Commercial Spaces

Noise complaints may be one of the common issues you have to deal with in your commercial space. When there are a lot of employees and people conversing in your building, or operating equipment that is running, the general din in the room can be overpowering. Quieting the noise down can increase the enjoyment of the indoor environment for the general public while allowing employees to experience less stress and distractions so they can work more productively. Continue reading

Helping Commercial Businesses with Energy Control

“We need to institute more cost savings in our operations when it comes to energy use.”

How many facility managers have heard this phrase? It becomes almost a yearly mantra from upper management and CEOs when they bring the staff together to talk about the efficiency of their businesses. Cutting down on energy consumption, eliminating waste and using the energy in the best way to reach the highest performance measures has been on top of the to-do list for your tasks, and will continue to be challenging year after year. Continue reading

Creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan For the Workplace

Keeping your business operations running at full capacity is your top priority. So when something happens that significantly impacts the functions of equipment and systems, you are left scrambling to figure out the issue and come up with the best solution to get everything back on track.

Yet sometimes, the problem can be hard to find. Even worse, your workers and staff may not understand what their particular duties are during an emergency. You have employees, workers, and customers on edge because of the extended downtime as circumstances can quickly deteriorate. Depending on how serious the emergency is, accidents and injuries can occur which can create even more chaos inside the building. Continue reading

Featured Tool of the Month: Freeze Free Heating Cables

The Chicago winter is in full swing and temperatures are steadily dropping throughout the region. While ensuring the building has the adequate conditioned indoor air to keep employees, customers and tenants warm, building managers are facing the same headache this year as during the previous years when it comes to water supply and drain lines. How do you keep the pipes from freezing? Continue reading