Featured Tool of the Month: Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

Residential and commercial building water can lead to some of the highest utility bills for people in the Chicagoland area. Not only do you have to deal with unnecessary water waste, you also have to deal with high energy costs in heating the water to the right temperature for various applications. Upgrading a water heater can improve utility costs as well as water usage for a residential home or medium commercial building. While gas heaters have become standard in the industry, more people are switching to upright electric heaters for more efficiency benefits.

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters are our featured Tool of the Month in Chicago for residential and commercial applications. In business since 1951, Bradford White has been a trusted brand as they are continually improving their water heater designs to fit into the changing lifestyles of residents and the workplace environment. Today, we are going to talk about two model lines: the Upright Residential Electric water heater and the ElectriFlex LD water heater.

Bradford White Upright Residential Electric Water Heaters

Bradford White Upright Electric water heaters aim to tackle four main problems with residential hot water tanks: sediment build-up, hot water capacity, energy usage and premature product failure. The company does this by tackling each issue with innovative product solutions.

bradford white upright residentialFirst, this water heater comes equipped with the unique HydroJet Total Performance System designed to lower the amount of sediment accumulation while increasing hot water capacity. By constantly applying a jet of water through multiple jet ports on a cold-water delivery tube, sediment is constantly suspended. The stored water and incoming cold water becomes mixed to help minimize thermal stratification. With less sediment piling up at the bottom, the tank will always hold more water for daily use as you will also save energy by not having the water heater constantly running.

With the sediment and hot water always moving in the tank, you may be worried about inner corrosion. The Bradford White Upright Electric water heaters have a Vitraglas enamel lining sprayed onto the interior. This lining is designed to expand and contract with the water heater so it doesn’t crack or wear away. To round out all the incredible features, the water heater has an expansion tank to tackle the inner pressure caused by thermal expansion. A compressible diaphragm inside will fill up with water to keep the pressure at normal operating levels.

Bradford White ElectriFlex LD Commercial Electric Water Heater

The ElectriFlex LD Electric Commercial water heater provides the durability of residential water heaters combined with the capacity of bradford white commercial water heaterscommercial heaters that will experience high usage demands. The ElectriFlex LD has the same features as the Upright Electric model from Bradford White.

You will have greater water capacity with the HydroJet Total Performance System reducing sediment build up at the bottom of the tank while preventing corrosion with the Vitraglas tank lining. The tank will also provide you with a high-performance system that will avoid premature tank failure as the thermal expansion tank will handle the varying pressure created by the heated water.

The ElectriFlex LD Electric Commercial water heater is a light-duty upright model that runs on electricity. There are varied capacity levels, from 30 gallons up to 119 gallons, as you can select the best one based on the application. This water heater is perfect for commercial businesses such as fast food restaurants, gas stations, and strip malls.

Another benefit is that this commercial water heater allows for different wattages (up to 16 wattages ranging from 1.5kW to 12kW) and multiple conversion kits for various configurations. So you can use one model for multiple applications.

Various Models of Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

The Bradford White Upright Electric and the ElectriFlex LD water heaters come in various models for your water heating solutions: upright models, wall hung models, utility models, and lowboy models. When you are looking for energy efficient water heaters that don’t put a stress on your wallet, Bradford White is definitely a company to check out.

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